"Quality is within your budget."

If you have a repair done by any shop and the symptom is still there, bring the car back before the warranty is up.  Don't just assume that the car may need more work done that you can't afford.  It may simply be a faulty part that you needlessly worried about. 

"Lifetime brake pads" will definately turn your head.  Who doesn't want to pay for something once and not ever have to pay for it again?  What you are not told about is the damage they can cause to your rotors over time that will ultimately cost you more money over the life of the pads.  

Looking for a used car but don't know which is best for you?  Consumer Reports has an awesome online website that will help you decide which car you can afford and how much repairs 'generally cost' at a certain age for that car.

Reader's Digest has some really good hints at