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As a full-time RVer, I had no clue where to go to get the oil changed on my Duramax diesel truck. I use Rotella oil, and most shops don't, so I carry my own oil. The GM dealers wanted to use their own brand and did not want to use my Rotella. John did not have a problem with it and was very fair in his charges. He was very nice, and after talking with him, I felt comfortable with him and his shop. If I get back to Apache Junction in our travels, I would go back to his shop in a heartbeat - excuse the phase but he made me a Happy Camper!

--reviewer #134402, 2009


Where to start this place is great. John Potts the owner has been working on my cars for over three years. He is a trained toyota expert, but can fix my suzuki, ford or anything I bring in. I have forwarded him many customers and have never had one complaint. John is fair , honest and most importantly competent. He will tell you what is the most relaible and cost effective way to fix the problem and never repairs things that dont need to be fixed. This a family run business and I would not hesitate to referr family friends and co workers. Easily half of what the dealer would charge. Thanks John keep up the great work.

--reviewer #93682, 2007


I live in tucson. We were on vacation and drove through AJ and my motor home needed a oil change. I saw toyauto, I pulled in, they were busy I asked if they could do a oil change. Today was saturday. This very nice lady Beth Potts said sure, We will get right on it. They pulled it into the yard and started on it. amazing! no appointment. Met John very very nice person. Asked a couple of things about the V10 and he was right to the point and very honest. The oil change took only a few minutes. Found out that this shop is family owned. I own a kia it has 60000 miles on it. I take it too the dealer to get the oil changed an they told me that I needed to have about $940.00 worth of work to be done so the 10 year 100000 mile waranty would stay in effect. I called toyauto and asked if John could do it and they said yes. I faxed the paper to them and made an apointment for friday. Had things to do in AJ. Got their about two hours early and they started on it. Kia wanted it all day, they were done in 3 hours. I got to talk with john the whole time asking him things he was doing, not once did he get agravated. I felt that I was in the way and bothering him, he said not at all. I had got the bill and very suprised of the work and cost. I saved over half and the hospitalitly was great. The owners act as if you are family and treat you with the upmost respect. Beth,John and the two wondefull girls, you have a great auto shop. I can not thank you enough. It gose to show you how far you will go for a good and respectful auto shop 150 miles. Thank you again.

--reviewer #126597, 2008


My wife and I took her 2004 Nissan Sentra to Toyauto after reading good reviews here on The check engine light was on, and we had it checked at AutoZone to find that it was likely bad solenoid valve. When we brought the car to Toyauto, I spoke to the owner/mechanic John and showed him the diagnostic report from AutoZone. He asked how many miles where on the car (~54,000), and told me that more than likely this problem would be covered under the 60,000 mile power train warranty. Sure enough, it was and we didn't have to pay a cent to get it fixed. Most mechanics would keep their mouths shut, fix the problem, and make some money. I think what he did demonstrated real integrity, and I truly appreciated the honesty. While he may not have made money this time around, that simple gesture guaranteed him business from me in the future. And to top it all off, he and his wife(?) sent us a card in the mail to thanks us for bringing our car into his shop. That was a pleasant surprise, as he was the one that deserved the thank you.

--reviewer #126359, 2008


I met John Potts through a co worker when my power window broke. This occured in the middle of winter at 6 am. John had the car fixed by 930 am and I was on my way. I recently had the local wal mart change my oil and they stripped the oil pan. John was able to repair the poor job they did and now the car does not loeak a drop. I have been to numerous mechanics throughout the valley and he is the most honest one thus far. I drive from Gilbert just to have my Honda and Chevy worked on.

--reviewer #93683, 2007


John Potts,the owner, just opened his new shop: TOYAUTO after working for Toyota for 20 plus years and working at home on the side. He is VERY competent, especially with Toyotas. Others he will recommend a dealer computer analysis and then fix whatever needs fixing at at least a 50% discount. He did this for my step-son' Alero and saved him at least 1500 dollars based on the dealer's estimated cost. COMPETENT and HONEST. He takes the time to listen. Currently working alone in his three-bay shop. He does it all. He will hire only ASE people he knows from Toyota when he gets busy enough. He's has revivied my 1985 Nissan after another place screwed up the timing.

--reviewer #88118, 2006


Very honest and competent ASE factory-trained mechanic. Nice guy. Listens. Gets it right the first time.

--reviewer #88119, 2006


John is the most honest mechanic I have ever talked to. I would highly recommend this shop to any one looking for good auto work for you dollar. My 2000 Dodge Grand Caravan was making a terrible hollowing. I felt it was the Power Steering Pump. I had my wife drop it off and John replaced the pump. John, the owner of the shop did the work his self. I pick up my van after work and talk with John a little ? it was the end of the day and it was quitting time for both us. This is what he said, ?you have a very small amount of water coming out of the weep hole on you water pump, it is nothing to worry about today, just keep an eye out to make sure you do not see a puddle of water under the car in the morning. Also you have a very minor leek from your transmission pan, it is nothing to be worried about, but the next time you have the transmission serviced it will go away.

--reviewer #99181, 2007


I was new to the Phoenix area and looked to for recommendations. The radiator on my 1998 4Runner Limited appeared to have a small leak and I noticed the vehicle was pulling to the right. Long story short: Toyauto diagnosed the problems, fixed my 4Runner in a timely manner (had to wait for parts; not surprising given the vehicle is almost 10-years old!) and explained everything. Excellent work and a fantastic value! I've kept my Toyotas on the road for 20+ years and it is without hesitation that I'd bring them back to Toyauto.

--reviewer #99083, 2007


I went to this shop because of the comments listed on this bulletin board. The owner, John , was as friendly and informative as he was competent (I've since found out he is a Toyota Master Mechanic). I took my 2000 Camry in for a number of reasons. It needed a 90K maintance routine, which John did well in a single day. It was also blowing a blue-white cloud out the exhaust when I started it in the morning. John thought that this problem would be covered by Toyota (it sometimes is a problem with this particular engine) and contacted a dealer for me to see if our car was covered. His evaluation was not enough by itself according to Toyota, so he provided me the name of the service representative who he had called. I found out today that Toyota will cover the problem. John could have performed the work himself (adding a $1000 to my bill) but he looked out for my best interests instead. To me, this is a true mark of a mechanic you can trust!

--reviewer #99766, 2007


My airconditioner started blowing hot air the end of summer last year. With the oppresive heat of the summer setting in this year I took my car into a shop(I will not mention their name) to have the AC recharged. They looked at it and quoted a $500 service. They told me that a few things would have to be replaced and that this was the cheapest deal in town. I left for a second opinion. A friend at work told me to try Toyauto. He said that they are honest and would not try to sell work that does not need to be done. The next day I took my car to Toyauto and was pleasantly surprised. They looked everything over, told me that they would fill it and check for leaks to make sure everything was ok. 45 minutes later I was back on the road and to my surprise freezing in my car for the first time in months. The best part about it was that it only ran $90. It has now been over a month and I could drive frosty the snow man around town in my car. If you want an honest mechanic with fair prices you should give Toyauto a try.

--reviewer #100877, 2007


Well, the amazing thing to me is that John Potts, the owner and chief mechanic is both HONEST AND COMPETENT! With more than 20 years of experience with Toyotas, the man can fix anything. He will not do unnecessary work. He sometimes fixes stuff with no charge!!!! He explains things so that even I can understand the problem. He is not cheap, but he is reasonable about prices. Inaddition to making my 03 Corolla purr, he also rescued my '85 Nissan pickup. Fixed the a/c and the carb problems.Awesome talent! And a very pleasant guy with a charming wife (who runs the office)

--reviewer #108130, 2009


Well John has done it again. Showed up at 11:45 on a saturday with a bad heater control hose and he had it repaired within 15 minutes. No fuss no muss just honest good old fashion service. Took my rav4 there today at 4:45 for an oil change and he had me in and out in less than 20 minutes on a Friday night no less. Saw a co worker there at the same time having a power window repaired close to closing time and he was out quick as well. I can not say enough good things about this shop other than I recomend it to all my co workers and they have treated every one with honest, dignity and respect no matter male or female black or white rich or poor . Bottom line is they get the job done.

--reviewer #123192, 2008


I have been taking both of my cars to Toyauto for over two years now. Their prices are always lower than any other mechanic and they continue to do quality work. I continue to refer family members, friends and co-workers to Toyauto.

--reviewer #123674, 2008


I brought my 2003 Honda Accord into Toyauto to diagnose and hopefully solve an intermittant starting problem that plagues me 3-4 times a month. They were unable to solve the problem, since naturally it started fine for them each and every time they tried, but on the plus side, they didn't charge for the work and even sent a thank you card for my business! If you have a car problem I'd recommend Toyauto - you have nothing to lose...

--reviewer #126818, 2008


We took our Honda Civic 2000 and our Toyota 4 Runner 2002. John has always been honest with his prices and fair. My husband works a lot so I have to take the cars in myself and I don't feel like I am getting ripped off. I trust John 100% with telling me the truth if something needs fixed or not. A few times he told me I didn't need to pay anything because nothing needed fixed and he tightened up a few belts WITHOUT EVEN CHARGING us any fee. I would send everyone I know to him if I could. He doesn't overprice things. We had to have something done once and it cost at least $200-$400 less than any other mechanic. I never have to worry that he will take advantage of us. Plus he usually has it done in a fast amount of time!!!

--reviewer #132454, 2009


I called Toyauto today because my car would not start, and it was in my garage. I had a doctor's appointment to get to, and they told me that they have a towing company on site. Toyauto sent out their towing company "Courtesy Towing" truck with a new battery and replaced mine so I could make my appointment. Thank You Toyauto, you guys are Great!

--reviewer #136496, 2009


Took my '95 Nissan pickup to Toyauto, and it was the best experience I've ever had with a mechanic. Period. I'll be going back.

--reviewer #143442, 2009


After reading several positive comments about this establishment, I took my vehicle in for some necessary repairs. It soon became apparent that the comments were all substantiated as I felt that I was treated both fairly and as a valued customer from start to finish. It was refreshing to deal with an auto repair facility with whom I felt that I could trust after having had a number of bad experiences with other mechanics or repair shops who were often less than honest and out to make a quick profit. The owner, John Potts, admittedly operates with a very simple but basic business premise and that is if you do a good job and treat people right, they'll spread the word and your business will inevitably prosper. It's unfortunate that many businesses have such a difficult time grasping this fundamental concept. There's no better advertisement than a satisfied customer which is why I would highly recommend Toyauto.

--reviewer #145033, 2010


John is a great mechanic who loves what he does; it shows in the quality of his work. I believe John has the customer's best interests in mind at all times, and he provides great, honest, very reliable service at a reasonable price.

--reviewer #148178, 2010


Friendly, fast and fixed! Price was reasonable. John repaired my Nissan Quest, and it runs great.

--reviewer #149658, 2010


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